Presales Alliance enables our members to


Connect with other like minded professionals in our community and experience


Grow your network by getting engaged in our MasterMind groups and learn from others experiences


Scale your career by taking the knowledge you've gained and share it with others in your circle of influence

What Our Members Say:

Every few months we start a new MasterMind group and here is what our members say about our program.


Dell Technologies Solution Architect

I recommend the Presales Alliance to anyone interested in presales, especially if you have little to no prior experience. Despite my 10 years of IT experience, I had no sales or presales background, but the Presales Alliance team and my cohort taught me a lot. I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate and would encourage others to join as well.


Dell Technologies Solution Architect

The presales alliance is an incredible experience for anyone interested in the world of presales and wants to learn from others and share their own ideas. The organization is a tight knit community that fosters the growth of each members individual and communal talents. For anyone interested in the world of presales, technical sales, or sales engineering the time spent within this organization is invaluable. The topics discussed at all of the meetings and the growth opportunities provided are all directly relevant and applicable to my career today. The ability to build a solid foundation and network with a strong community backbone has helped my confidence and my drive to accelerate within the world of presales.

Irene Tran

Google Cloud Customer Engineer

"I’ve been a presales professional for 4 years, and I’ve always found it beneficial to connect with other presales professionals to learn from their experiences. This group has given me the ability to connect with mentors and peers in similar roles to learn about their challenges and successes in a candid way. My relationships within my new network has strengthened and expanded through Presales Alliance."


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